Training is a two prong approach which consists of a knowledge base covering theory of process and on-the-job training covering the practical use of each inspection process. NDT training from Innovated NDT Training Solutions can give technicians this and much more.

What is required? In what industries can I work as an NDT Technician?

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is an expanding market
  • Competitive pay and growth opportunities
  • Demand for qualified technicians is high
  • Training and education is readily available
  • Variety of positions in the field
  • Work is challenging, varied, and interesting

About Us

Reasons to pursue a Career in NDT

Innovated NDT Training Solutions (INTS) provides the highest quality of training in the non-destructive testing industry utilizing comprehensive training moving theory into practical applications. INTS offers NDT Training, hands-on exercises, and comprehensive examinations for you and your personnel in accordance with all applicable standards. Courses are conducted at the INTS Training Center on a weekly basis or can be delivered at your company's premises-anywhere in the United States.

Our NDT Training Facility was founded on the belief that every technician has the ability to learn.


Over the past five years, our trainers have helped technicians improve their quality of work, comprehension, and skill-level. As a result, these technicians have earned a better living, and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students.


The demand for NDT personnel continues to increase year over year and the demand for qualified technicians is increasing daily, with proper training and certifications, technicians can help NDT technology grow by increasing safety and environmental awareness along with satisfying demands for high quality services

For an individual to elevate their position in the line of hundreds of NDT applicants, you must show desire by obtaining classroom training. Since NDT is an expanding market, technicians with the right certifications, training, and experience are always needed and in high demand.

Quite simply where there is a manufactured product, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is utilized. Whether, petrochemical, chemical refining, pulp and paper, automotive, aeronautical or the medical industry, each have requirements for NDT Technicians to meet prior to certification.