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Innovated NDT Training Solutions (INTS) provides the highest quality of training in the non-destructive testing industry utilizing comprehensive training moving theory into practical applications. INTS offers NDT Training, hands-on exercises, and comprehensive examinations for you and your personnel in accordance with all applicable standards. Courses are conducted at the INTS Training Center on a weekly basis or can be delivered at your company's premises-anywhere in the United States.

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Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one technician at a time.


Qualified NDT professionals are in high demand in the progressive petrochemical industry. NDT is a growing career field and with proper training and certification, technicians can help NDT technology grow by increasing safety and environmental awareness along with satisfying demands for high quality services. In today's Non-destructive testing world, NDT Training is a crucial part of obtaining certifications, job satisfaction and career growth. INTS provides the highest quality of training in the non-destructive testing industry.